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What’s the new deal for ip calling?


All includes free calls to China. Telbo includes a $1/m plan for North America.

**xxx reserves the right after a certain amount of calls to start charging the default rate. FREE CALLS are available for users with Freedays.

If you want to a home phone that can make and receive calls, follow these steps.

1.you can get a voip phone or adapter. For adapter, Linksys PAP2 is recommended. If you are using an adapter, you need a regular phone to connect to the adapter.

Note: voip phones and adapters are connected to router/internet using network cable directly, not connected to computer using USB cable or phone line.

2. Get a nonoh.net account for 10EUR/4mon.

3. Set up the nonoh account on the ip phone or adapter.

4.Get a free US phone number (DID) at ipKall.com. New York area code is not available at ipKall. Choose one you like. SIP Phone number is your nonoh user name. SIP Proxy is sip.nonoh.net.

Basically, now you have a home phone with that you can receive calls and make calls, even to China.

5. (optional) Get a local phone number from google.com/voice. Forward the number to your ipKall number.

If you just need a home phone that can receive calls, in step 2 above, get an account from Gizmo5.com. Then get a google voice account that can be forwarded to your gizmo account. With gizmo, you can make toll-free calls.


I’m using WRT54GS + Openwrt + asterisk at home. It is good because we have all controls. But admin password will be lost from time to time, then I’ll have to reset it: http://blog.nyworldphone.com/2008/02/06/openwrt-on-wrt54gs-reset-the-root-password/. And, for some providers, I can’t make it work with my asterisk on wrt54gs.

Then I tried pbxes.org. It is still free and works perfect. I can do everything I’m doing right now with my asterisk.  It is a good option for personal use which cost nothing. Here I would like to explain some configurations that I did.

1. Receiving calls on Sip phone/device.

A) Internal between extensions.

  • Extensions-> Add Extension
  • Display name(e.g. 3000)
  • Password(e.g. 3000)
  • Outbound CID(e.g. 3000)
  • Voicemail(optional, disabled by default)
  • Submit

You could do the same thing above to add more extensions (e.g. 6000 etc).

When you configure it on your sip phone/device, usename is “pbxes_username”-exten, e.g. username-3000, password is your pbxes extension password and domain/sip proxy is pbxes.org. Now you can dial extensions from one to another, e.g. dial 6000.

B) Through a DID number

a. Add extensions as A).

b. Add trunks

  • Trunks->Add Trunk->(e.g. Add SIP Trunk)
  • Trunk Name (e.g. freedigits)
  • username (e.g. freedigits number)
  • password (e.g. freedigits password)
  • Sip server(e.g. freedigits.net)
  • Submit changes

 c. Add Inbound Routing

  • Inbound Routing->Add Incoming Routing
  • Trunk: (e.g. freedigits)
  • Caller ID Number (optional, specify allowed incoming CID)
  • Set Destination: mark Extension, and choose one from the list, e.g. 3000.
  • Submit

Now when people call the freedigits DID, calls will be routed to the extension 3000.

2. Make calls

A) Add extensions as 1.A.

B) Add trunk as 1.B.b with your favorite voip provider, e.g. voipbuster.

C) Set outbound routing

  • Outbound Routing->Add Route
  • Route name: (e.g. sip out)
  • Trunk sequence: (e.g. voipbuster)
  • Set Destination (optional)
  • Save changes

Now you can make calls usign your favorite vsp from your sip phone/device.

3. Call Forwarding/Receiving calls on PSTN phones (landline or cell phones).

A) Add trunks as 1.B.b.

B) Add ring groups

  • Ring Groups->Add Ring Group
  • Group number: (e.g. 1)
  • extension list: landline or cell phone number plus #. e.g. 12126668888# (it may differ according to your provider)
  • ring time, e.g. 20
  • Destination if no answer (optional)
  • Submit changes

C) Add inbound routing

Same as 1.B.c, except in “Set Destination” mark Ring Group(e.g. #1).

D) Add outbound routing as 2.C.

Now if people call your freedigits DID, the call will be forwarded to your regular phone using through your vsp.

4. Call back

Start with callthru by adding an inbound route with the number of your phone entered as Caller ID. Leave Trunk Name empty. If it doesn’t work check your call monitor for the right format of your Caller ID. When dialing the callthru destination you may always press the * key to redial and # to end digits. After the called party hangs up you will hear another dialtone for your next call. To hangup by yourself transfer the call to an invalid destination by dialing *2.

– alen

MagicJack, skype killer?

It seems magicjack is a rising star in the hot voip market.

What did they get?

1. Calling is convenient. Connect a regular phone to the magicjack, plug the magicjack into a USB port, and make calls. That’s it.

2. Cost is low: Each magicJack costs $39.95 plus shipping and handling. This gives you one year of calling to the USA and Canada. You can purchase an additional year’s service for $19.95


What’s the differece from USB phone?

USB phone + installed softphone = Regular phone + magicjack.

Basically, they put everything pre-installed in the magicjack. So this is no-brainer totally. Even grandma can do it.

MagicJack’s success tells us that in the voip market, if you could do a little bit more than others, you could succeed. If you check the various voip solutions partially listed in this post: http://blog.nyworldphone.com/2008/03/06/various-voip-solutions/, you would see how to make voip calls, what’s our voip future are really up to our imagination. There’s still a lot of space that we can imagine.

To me magic jack is not so much better than others.

MagicJack is simple. But if you have buy others like vonage, what you need do to make a call is just connect your regular phone to the adapter, connect the adapter to the router, and make calls. Oh right, you need a router to have both of your computer and adapter “internet accessible”, and you need plug in the power supply etc. Big deal, we like las vegas but we don’t want travel?

MagicJack is cheap. Skype is 3 bucks a month for NA unlimited and has unlimited world plan. Speaking of cheap, icall.com and some others offer free calls to US and Canada.

MagicJack is portable. So what? If you have a laptop for MagicJack calling on travel, isn’t skype more simple? Just login and make calls. You don’t even need carry a regular phone. Grandma doesn’t know how to use skpe? Does she carry a laptop to use MagicJack? Does she know how to get the internet access on travel? Actually, I would recommend her to carry a pre-configured sip phone on travel. Connect it to internet and make calls. That’s even smaller than a laptop.

MagicJack can be sent to another country. You can send a adapter too. For simpler, just send a link for skype without shipping fee.

MagicJack is small. What’s the size of skype?

MagicJack has all these features, portable, simple, cheap, small etc. Actually there’re already some dedicated skype phones, such as Linksys CIT400 Wireless IP Phone. The price is not cheap. We have to turn on our computer to use MagicJack which obvious is not a good solution for permanent household using. I would expect some sip service with similar pricing to MagicJack. I bet the pre-configured adapter would make Grandma even happier.

Even all this, MagicJack offers another solution, a new option and it’s kind of cute(see the picture above). People love to try new things.

— Alen