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Google Voice

Google Voice Applications


Adobe AIR Desktop Utility for Google Voice


Run it, log in your gv account and you can make call “connections”.

Chrome Extensions:


Google Voice in your mobile browser:

All these are to used to make calls through google voice easier.

When we make calls from google voice account, usually, we need something to receive the calls. GV makes the connection. However, google voice on mobile seems to be able to make calls directly.

With a computer only (when I don’t have a phone available), my favorite way to receive calls is using sip account. It could be anything like gizmo5, fwd, voipuser, voxalot etc. Set it up on a sip client like xlite/eyebeam, connect the account to ipkall. So when you make a call through google voice, GV->ipkall#->SIP(you pick up)->Callee#.

More details please check it here:

If you are ubuntu, linphone is highly recommended. Since empathy, xlite2.0 etc all gave me problems.

Install Garmin Mobile XT on Nokia 5800

The lastest version is for Nokia 5800 is Symbian S60 3rd version 5.00.50.


Garmin Mobile XT for Symbian S60 3rd Edition software version 5.00.50

Garmin Mobile XT Support Files software version 4.xx.xx

Garmin Mobile XT Free Basemap software version 4.xx.xx


Getting the required Files

1. First thing first, download the required files:

*Garmin Mobile XT v5.00.30 for Symbian s60 v3 (dont worry, it supports 5th edition devices as well)

*Garmin Mobile XT Free Basemap

*Garmin Mobile XT Support Files (voice navigation files)


2. You will need the map file (i use malaysia-singapore free map from MFM, file name: gmapsupp.img)


3. You will also need the keygen (file name: garmin.exe)

Or search for Garmin Unlock Generator 1.5.

*Before I begin, let me highlight some problems i encounter when i installed garmin on my phone. It just wont install (expired certificate). If you encounter such problem, no fear, its a firmware bug. all u need to do is back up ur phone to ur sd card, and do a hard reset (enter *#7370* and enter lock code). After hard reset, you will be able to install.

STEP 1: Connect your phone to PC via Data Cable in Mass Storage Mode

STEP 2: Run the GarminMobileXTforSymbianS603rdEdition_50030.exe you downloaded earlier. Select the ‘Mass Storage Device’ which is your memory card in your phone.

STEP 3: Run the GarminMobileXTFreeBasemap_4xxxx.exe you downloaded earlier.

STEP 4: Run the GarminMobileXTSupportFiles_4xxxx.exe you downloaded earlier.

STEP 5: Copy the map file gmapsupp.img you downloaded earlier into your phone, under the directory ‘x:garmin’ where ‘x’ is the drive of your Mass Storage Device (your memory card in your phone)

STEP 6: Using the safely remove device function of your PC, remove the data cables.

STEP 7: Run the File Manager application in your phone

STEP 8: Scroll to ‘E: Memory card’ and scroll down. Run the GarminMobileXT.sis file. This will install Garmin on your phone. note, this is where i encountered the ‘expired certificate’ error. If you do not encounter this, ignore this line. If you do, do the hard reset.

STEP 9: Run GMobileXT from Apps.

STEP 10: This is where you see the Garmin Spash Screen, and select Agree

STEP 11: Your Garmin might prompt you to enter product code etc.. or start searching for external BT GPSr. Click cancel to get to the main screen

STEP 12: Go to Tools (circled in yellow) –> Settings (circled in green) –> Scroll Down (circled in blue)

–> Go to ‘About’ (circled in white)

STEP 13: Copy down the Card ID on a piece of paper (my screenshot doesn’t show card id because mine is already unlocked)

STEP 14: Now, run the application Garmin.exe and enter the card ID (1), click on Generate (2) and copy (ctrl+c) the device unlock code.

STEP 15: Start the application ‘Notepad’ and paste the code there like this, and save the file as SW.UNL (Please take note, when you save the file, you change the file type as ‘ALL TYPE’, as illustrated below, in red.

STEP 16: Now, reconnect your phone to your PC via Mass Storage Mode. Paste the SW.UNL into your x:garmin folder.

VIOLA!! Welcome to the universe of Garmin Mobile XT.

Other Guides:


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Garmin City Navigator Russia NT 2010.10 IMG
Garmin City Navigator India 2009 V2
Garmin Mobile XT 5.00.50 S60 Update (15/04/2009)
iGO8 ARAB Maps R3

A Collection of Cheap Phone Services

Intertional Calling

Everybody knows using computers to talk with MSN, QQ etc. We’ll nottalk about those methods here. Instead we talk about calls with regularphones on one side or both sides.

1. Of course, traditional way calling internationally is using calling card.
I went to Chinatown to buy calling cards when I first came here. I bought it online. We can get calling card with rates about or less than 1 cent per minute calling China.

2. Make international calls with local calling rates (or free):

No registration, no credit cards, no catches, no limits!

With talkster, you get a local access for yourself, and an access number for your friend.
Say you want to call your friend, you call your access number which rings your friend’s phone. He/She answers the phone, then hangs up. You stays online. Your friend calls his/her access number. Then you  two will be connected, basically having a conference call.

The good thing about this method is that your friends, families in China call also you by calling their access numbers first. You answer the phone, hang up, ask them to stay online, and then calls your access number.

3. Skype Unlimited World $9.95/month

Image … nadaworld/

In particular, unlimited calls areas include:
China landlines and mobiles
USA landlines and mobiles

Make Unlimited Skype™ Calls without a Computer with Belkin’s New Desktop Internet Phone for Skype: $99

Of course you don’t need pay anything if both sides use skype.
Get a skypein phone number, you basically have a lanline phone. It costs €50 one year.

4. There’s another way which is a little bit complicated. But it’s free calling between two sides. You need pay to get sip devices like this: Linksys PAP2T-NA for both sides and connect regular phones to the devices.

Then get sip accounts for both sides, like, or etc. Set it on the Sip device.
Reference: … cked-pap2/


In particular, Freedigits’ account is a US phone number. Basically, you and your friend in China get a free US phone number. Calling between you is free! Of course, other people in US can call you.

If you want to get local numbers, go to, get numbers and forward it to your freedigits number(or GizmoProject sip account).

If you want to call other numbers in US or China, register accounts and buy credit from your favorite VOIP companies like etc, and register it on the sip device.

Basically, you get a home phone with a free US phone number, free calls between you and other people with the same setup and low rate calling to other people.

5. Another convenient way to call China is use Packet8 Mobile Talk with cell phones for 1 cent per minute to China.

6. I guess a lot of poople know iTalkBB. They offer unlimited calls to north America and China with a monthly fee $25.


7. The complicated way is to set up a free PBX asterisk which will provide the most features that you want. You can get a WRT54GS, load OpenWRT firmware and install asterisk. Then you can set up free US phone numbers (or even China number which you usually need pay) to receive calls. And you can set up calling services to call China and US.


Domestic Calling

Usually, people get phone service from Verizon. They offer individual service and packages like including internet, TV and phone services. Time Warner Cable also offers similar services.

1. Skype Unlimited US & Canada $2.95/month


Usually, you need a computer to make skype calls. Get a phone above, you’ll make calls like regular.
Make Unlimited Skype™ Calls without a Computer with Belkin’s New Desktop Internet Phone for Skype: $99

2. People who have tmobile service, even the lowest package, want to have a cheap home phone, Tmobile-at-Home is good choice.
$10 a month for unlimited calls in north America:


3. Same as international calling #4 which may be the cheapest way. You can get Linksys PAP2-NA for about $30 on ebay.
4. Same as international calling #7.

Packet8 MobileTalk

With Packet8 MobileTalk, people can make international calls directly through cell phone via Packet8’s IP network. The rate is not bad for some countries, like 1 cent for China. It’s a good way to make calls. And no wifi/data plan required. But people do need install their application on their phones. Here is a list of Supported Mobile Phones.

I wonder what the quality is. If anybody has tried it, you’re welcome to comment.

T-Mobile @Home $10 a month for Unlimited ‘Landline’


In June of last year, T-Mobile introduced their Hotspot@Home UMA service, which lets users “seamlessly” (depending who you ask) transfer calls between their cellular network and Wi-Fi. It cost $19.99 per month for a single line. Now it’s $10.


T-mobile just launched “Tmobile@Home” plan, which provides users with a $50 WRTU54G, allowing users to plug in a landline in order to get unlimited local and domestic calling for just $10 a month. T-Mobile will transfer your number to their system, and they’re also offering a $60 VTech wireless phone. The service was initially only offered in Dallas and Seattle, but as of July 2 will be available nationwide.

T-Mobile CEO talks with the Seattle Times about the company’s shift in direction.