How to forward all inbound calls to the OTHER line

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Method 1: Convert PAP2 Firmware into a Sipura SPA-1001

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For those wanting to run 2 VoIP services off of ONE PHONE PORT on their PAP2, there’s a great new solution posted at BBR:
Configure Line1 on your PAP2 with two VoSPs

The first post on the 2nd page of the thread contains the following ZIP FILE:

This ZIP file contains a firmware file to convert the PAP2 into a Sipura SPA-1001 as well as another firmware file to revert the SPA-1001 back into a PAP2. Somebody please host a copy of this ZIP file for B$ because it’ll likely get yanked off of BBR once Linksys/Sipura gets wind of this!

The SPA-1001 is a SINGLE PHONE PORT VoIP adapter providing bi-directional configuration capabilities of 2 VoIP “services” (i.e. phone lines). Both services work for INCOMING & OUTGOING calls on the single phone port. To dial out on the “2nd line”, you simply preceed calls with the “#” key.

With SPA-1001 firmware loaded onto the PAP2:

1) Only one indicator light funtions on the PAP2: ETHERNET indicator

2) The PHYSICAL PORT for LINE2 no longer works (as the SPA-1001 is a SINGLE PORT adapter)

3) The adapter is no longer susceptible to being re-locked by Vonage even if you perform a FACTORY RESET!!! Loading this firmware truly converts the adapter into an UNLOCKED DEVICE.

4) You no longer need to configure any CALL FORWARDING settiings to have 2 VoIP services working off of one phone port!


Method 2: Manual Config Using Existing PAP2 Firmware

This is VERY USEFUL, because it either lets you have a TWO VoIP accounts that both “ring” the same phone, OR lets you use one account for all incoming, and a 2nd account for all outgoing (by putting the “phone” on the line with the outgoing VoIP service, and then forwarding all incoming calls on that other VoIP line to that one)!

    NOTE: This theory was tested earlier this evening, by forwarding my SPA-2000’s “Line 1″ (setup for FWD) to “Line 2″ (setup for, and then calling my FWD number from Packet8. After I finally got all the pieces in place, my “Line 2″ was happy to “ring”, and when I picked up that phone 2-way talking worked fine! So this appears to work (at least for me). But naturally YMMV. Here are the needed pieces:
    1) As in the previous “trick”, you need unique SIP ports and unique userids for the two lines. NOTE: It’s quite OK to use whatever “userid” the provider on that line supplied (for logging into their SIP proxy). You don’t need the UserId set to any specific value, just something unique!2) Again, the line you are forwarding from will need “Make call without reg: Yes”, and the line you want to forward to will need “Ans Call Without Reg: Yes”.3) If you are behind a router (I am), you will need to forward the SIP port of the line you want to ring (the line you are forwarding to) to the SPA. This is probably much easier if you program the SPA for a “static LAN IP” (instead of using DHCP).

    4) Your external address will need to either be “static”, _OR_ you will need to use a dynamic DNS service (btw: I’m happy with the free dynamic DNS service from » ). This is necessary, as you will need to always know the internet address of your SPA-2000 (not the LAN address, the “external address”) for forwarding to work.

    5) Turn on “Cfwd All Serv: yes” on the line you are forwarding “from” (i.e. if you want calls to the VoIP on “Line 1″ to ring “Line 2″, than you set this on “Line 1″).

    6) Go over to the “user” tab for the line you are forwarding from, and setup the “Cfwd All Dest:” field as “userid@external_address:sip_port”. For example, if your dynamic DNS entry is “”, your target line’s userid is “testing”, and the target line’s SIP port is 5063, than you would want to “Cfwd All Dest:” to “″.

    NOTE: I was NOT successful in getting the loopback address ( working for call forwarding (even though it worked for calling one line from the other, above). I had to use the “external address” for the SPA, to get forwarding to work (even between one line and the other on the same Sipura adapter)!

    7) Test the setup. The easiest way is to get a friend to call the VoIP number you are forwarding from, and see if the forwarded to line “rings”. In my case, I verified the setup by using my Packet8 account (and the Packet8 to FWD Gateway) to call my FWD line (line 1 of my SPA-2000), and have the line (Line 2) ring! I then picked up the phones, and verified that two-way talking was working. Success!!!

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